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Marketers want to know and pretend that this coveted data is not your top business asset. In the world of corporate digital advertising 'Data Is The Goal because Data Is The Gold'. He who owns the data gets the advertising deal. We believe that the content provider ought be the sole owner of their own content. However, the commercial web is designed to pay the content provider last and the least amount of money. A modern, linear relationship between advertisers and content providers is the key benefit to owning all your own content and most importantly, your data. It bears service to your audience to protect them from third party access to their data. Which brings us to what we do here. We create all inclusive self owned web properties for independent contractors, artists and entrepreneurs. Collecting social media or 3rd party subscribers is not the indie way. Brass Tacks.The internet is not magic. It's a business... All of the time.
...even the puppies...yep.

Welcome to Rock Star Web Company
Unruly, For You

The Question: Why are social networks and email service providers being paid billions of dollars for your thoughts?
The Answer: Because you probably didn't know you could monetize your own thoughts'. Good news...you can and... you probably should. Corporate owned, public service providers should not freely access your private data, but they do because they can. More good news, you can shut it down. The vast majority of internet businesses rely on your ignorance. Here's the rub. In advertsing, your 'posts' are considered to be and factually termed 'content'. If you don't want your posts aka 'content' monetized, get them off of corporate social media platforms. If you do want your posts monetized, get them off of corporate social media platforms. Change your email server to an encrypted provider such as... Protonmail for example. Do your reasearch, if not Protonmail, find an encrypted service.Stop collecting 'subscribers' on shared social media platforms. Instead, meet your audience members on your own social network. Run your own digital gallery, plant security 'bits' into your own images, music, videos etc. run your own cinema from your couch, shit like that. If you can't survive without your social media platform, then you don't have an audience. Whatever they pay you to sell on their platform is not enough. Not if you're an artists or originator of any medium. If you're a follower type then carry on. Click off us because this advice isn't for you...yet.


The 360 [DEAL] Killer

The kids already know what I'm going to say here, but artists and entrepreneurs born before 1985 should take heed. Media has two players, the predator and the prey. People who frame and exploit your relationship to media including the bums who allow it versus you, the prey...the audience. Case and point, reality TV and your local news. It was all fun and games until real babies and abortions came to the table. Now is the time to back away from the trash because you'll start to resemble it. Are you already encased in the stench of social media? Fix it.
If you are an artists or entrepreneur, here's your homework:
Stop telling your story in pieces online via status posts. Stop using shared 'web analytics service'. Stop collecting 'subscribers' on shared social media platforms. Stop downloading apps which can be served on a browser. Stop jocking celebrities. Protect your content and save it for the stage...your stage.
The Question: How can you start doing real online business?
The Answer: You set up your bank account and add some bits of code to your website. Once you have a content management system in place, we're talking about cutting and pasting your way to a 360˙ online business. No more posting status updates for free. You'll start posting advertising for companies you like, if you so choose. Not to mention the security. You moderate your own site. No such thing as a troll if they're uninvited from the start. You get to see exactly what people are doing on your server. It's that deep and so easy to keep track.

49 USD
360 [Artist Contract] Killer Sweatshirt
The Story:
Indie or Die
The Specs:

50% cotton/50% polyester • air-jet spun yarn • double-lined hood • 1×1 athletic rib knit cuffs and waistband with spandex • double-needle stitching • front pouch pocket


B´st of Net: Magazine

Media Money Can't Buy

Self publishing is pricesless. Did you know you could self publish and arrange your own advertising contracts? Ya, by yourself, no less. We pushed out our first 104 [pages] this year and it''s the best thing we've done since we started. In 2018, you are poised to place your printed publication with the indies. The world outside of mainstream is equally as big (if not bigger) and they need magazines for their audience. Picture your very own publication by the pool, at the spa...you name it. Your local small business will love it. If you have content that is pretty enough to print, print it. Concerned about the trees? Who said you needed paper? Whether you're a fashion publication or news media outlet, you know how it works. In 2018, you know you've gotta 'merch', merch like it's your new job. Ask your developer about innovations in graphics and printing.
This is B´st of Net:™ Artistst & Entrepreneurs Issue #1 of 4 in 2017 Peep game.

on sale below

Next to print:
'Reasonable is The New Genius' + 'Men & Women are from Earth' + B´st of Net:™ Music Issue featuring Big Brooklyn Red.

The Question: How can you publish your own magazine...'by yourself, no less'?
The Answer: By asking your developer to create a 'digital production' scheme for your nesessary parts. In this case, you would expect a 3 part solution to include codeless layout your images and content pages, a pay-per-unit, bind and production resource and a distribution and ad service campaign. This is a basic, low risk, low cost custom applications map.

A Fly Cover Goes a Long Way

Modern Couture

B´st of Net:™ Issue 1 Cover Print
Polychiffon, 100% polyester
Includes Shipping - US Only

Modern Art

B´st of Net:™ Issue 1 Cover Print
18 x 18 Canvas, 100% Cotton
Includes Shipping - US Only

Modern Narrative

B´st of Net:™ Issue 1 Artists & Entrepreneur
4 Copies of B´st of Net:™ Artists & Entrepreneurs in 2017 - 2018
Includes Shipping - US Only




Definition is applied as necessary but it's not insisted upon. Applied here, it could mean that kindness, trust and openess is as palpableas fear, uncertainty and carelessness. Maybe. Stay cryptic, my Babies.



Uniform Resource Locator Television United States

User Forward Curate of Entertainment and News

The parties involved have taken a 'media first' approach to a new web model. They said 'Mainstream TV is programmed to suit the advertisers. The strategy is to serve the content a modern TV audience deserves.
Mobile ready and programmed with the audience in mind.


The Liquor Agency

The Product & Service Education Model

This isn't bar school. This is a modern path to your career in the hospitality industry. The Liquor Agency learning series is designed to entertain, educate and support industry pros throughout their career. We teach through apprenticeship, mixed media syllabus, field instances and optional lesson plans. The Liquor Agency™ is a private hybrid interactive course. Our field training requires series applicants to be of legal drinking age in the United States currently 21 years old. All members and applicants will be required to provide proof of age upon request.

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