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The Path Between Rebels and Sheep

Sansosh™ 2020, Exodus Live,

Internet III

Mainstream internet is designed for the ones who are willing to trade long term security for short term convenience. We've weaved a web for the rest of us.

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shown below 'A Human's Guide to The Exodus'

Designed for Sansosh

shown below 'White Wine Varietals Sheet'

Designed for T.L.A.


RSWCo. Design Merch Originale

artist boutique

"When I pay $500 for a cotton t-shirt, I'd like some exclusivity, sure. I don't need to see my t-shirt 'awl up in the videoooo'.

shown above:

A.C. Itizen Design for 360˙ [Artist Contract] Killer

Stahp Tawking

What are you willing to pay for?

Marketers want to know

Don't Say A Word


Keep that prized information to yourself. Stop posting on mainstream and you'll increase the value of your content and preserve your personal privacy.

Protect Your Data


Prepare for The Exodus 2020. Remove all personal media from shared platforms. You get ready and we'll help you reclaim and monetize your digital space.

Stay Cryptic for Exodus 2020

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Jules Forrest

We utilize her style design to drive the new aesthetic of this very page. This is her css grid adaptation of print layout and perfectly compliments the less intrusive, new model web.

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New ways to serve your art digitally and live.