DIY vs CMS. You wouldn't be in business if you didn't think you had something special to offer. Your special thing should be protected while you expand your audience.

Design + Layout + CMS

Using a CMS means that you can upload and edit your own website and you do not share your data with a web building company. Once we 'install' your website, you are then free to upload, manage and post/delete your own content. No coding is required, of course. For you, the user and website owner, the interface will be as simple as posting to social networks.

The main difference between a CMS (Content Management Service) and a DIY (Do It Yourself) website is your data privacy. Your highest level of internet privacy requires the least amount of 3rd party admin. Once your website in 'installed' for your editing, you are free to manage your own website without monthly fees. Keep your customers data and intellectual properties away from popular DIY web builder data. It's the safest way to start your web project. Let us build a content management system to save on monthly DIY fees and protect your customer's data.