The 360º [Artist Contract] Killer


The 360º [Artist Contract] Killer

Make Money as an Indie

Mainstream media has two players, the predator and the prey. People who frame and exploit your relationship to media versus you, the prey...the audience. Why are you prey when you should be absolutly worshipped for your engagement? No reason other than those who can't...exploit. Conglomerate art dealers, including publishers and adjacent media, market personas more than art and most artisans do not comply. A savvy audience will always choose authentic and often unrefined content. Conglomerate media outlets know this for certain and will (try to) outspend all competitors to gain content to copy or dilute. The sad part of this reality is the new commers who have been brainwashed by short money. If you are the audience favorite (and you probably are), it is your job to cut out the middleman and bring your audience to you. If you are an artists or entrepreneur who has fallen for the social media, page ranking bait and scheme, you have new homework:
No More telling your story in pieces online via status posts. Stop using shared 'web analytics service'. No more collecting 'subscribers' on shared social media platforms. Dunzies making apps for individual phones. Protect your content and save it for the stage...your stage.

Conglomerate art dealers, including publishers and adjacent media, market personas more than art...

The Question: How can you convert, add or start an online business?
The Answer: With a bank account and add some bits of code to your website. Every person can find a way to monetize their time, service or profession online. Once you have a content management system in place, we're talking about cutting and pasting your way to a 360˙ online business. No more posting status updates for free or worse, conglomerate advertisers. You'll start posting advertising for companies you like, if you so choose. Or live with little to no advertising. Not to mention the security. When you moderate your own site, there are no trolls and bullies. You get to see exactly what people are doing on your server. It's that deep and so easy to keep track.