Media Money Can't Buy


Media Money Can't Buy

Self Publishing like B´st of Net:™

Self publishing is pricesless. Did you know you could self publish and arrange your own advertising contracts? Ya, by yourself, no less. We pushed out our first 104 [pages] this year and it''s the best thing we've done since we started. In 2018, you are poised to place your printed publication with the indies. The world outside of mainstream is equally as big (if not bigger) and they need magazines for their audience. Picture your very own publication by the pool, at the name it. Your local small business will love it. If you have content that is pretty enough to print, print it. Concerned about the trees? Who said you needed paper? Whether you're a fashion publication or news media outlet, you know how it works. In 2018, you know you've gotta 'merch', merch like it's your new job. Ask your developer about innovations in graphics and printing.

If you have content that is pretty enough to print, print it.

The Question: How can you publish your own magazine...'by yourself, no less'?
The Answer: By asking your developer to create a 'digital production' scheme for your nesessary parts. In this case, you would expect a 3 part solution to include codeless layout your images and content pages, a pay-per-unit, bind and production resource and a distribution and ad service campaign. This is a basic, low risk, low cost custom applications map.