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CH.1 World News

Fresh world news streaming daily from public, network and independent news sources. Tired on waiting for yesterday's news? Here's your solution. This channel is curated to feature editorially suggested international networks. Streaming now. World News. Daily global events.

CH.2 Comedy

Mostly cerebral comedy styles of shows, skits and shorts. That's what you can expect from this channel. Don't expect too much of the slapstickky-impressionssss-slip-on-a-banana-peel stuff. Prepare yourself for adult content and 'no rules' territory of themes. Comedy TV. Don't get mad.

CH.3 Music

Some of the best art and music in world is made by complicated, unlikeable people who generally, will not 'dance for their supper'. We fking love those guys. This channel is curated editorially to feature preferred tunes and music stories. Music TV. Underrated tracks from all genres.

CH.4 Celeb Gossip

Celebrity gossip. This channel is curated as the cure for your showbiz F.O.M.O.. It's fast, up to date and served by the best of the bunch. Celeb Gossip TV. Hollywoods propeller service.

CH.5 Documentary

This channel is curated to feature full lenght, shorts and serialized documentary films. Documentary TV. True stories.

CH.6 Food

Contemporary food news and the new media stars who pimp eats. Find answers to your unspoken dining dilemas and learn to enjoy food without a camera. Food TV. Things we eat.

CH.7 Art Business

Featuring the celebrated styles and conventions of local and esteemed art sources. Editorially, we elect to showcase art and artist which would customarily fall outside the parameters of conventions for the art elite. This channel is entitled 'Art Business' as it exclusively relects items and instances from traditional art communities. Art. The Business.

CH.8 Sports

Nothing beats live sports, except biographies, reactions and recaps. This channel features interesting stories and media from global competitors and commentators. Sports TV. Stories of competition.

CH.9 Erotica

The internet is arguably the main source of information for sexually inexperienced or sensually disconnected adults. Pornography ought not be the answer to that call. If you find yourself ready to trade in the gratuidious for the sensous, you could learn something here. This channel features a dedicated stream of contemporary erotic themes. Erotica TV. The antithesis of porn.

CH.10 Coupling

Most of us discover our shortcomings while in a relationship. Agreeably the worst time to come up short. This channel is curated to titilate self awareness as it applies to relationships. Great love bears great resposibilities. Mostly the responsibility to know oneself. Coupling TV. Love ain't easy.

CH.11 Divorce

Divorce is a part of life for many adults. Navigating it with ease and honor might require some information and support. Hopefully we are not a society navigating divorce from experience. Nonetheless, in times like these, some perspective media might be just what the attorney ordered. Divorce TV. Media to lean on.

CH.12 Animation

A media library of the funniest new animated shows from independent illustrators and networks. Animation TV. Nothing too wierd.

CH.13 Conspiracy

A popular adage paraphrased reads 'There are three sides to every story. There's my side, your side and then there's the truth'. Metaphorically speaking, this channel curates the media of a fourth side. Conspiracy TV. A relative truth.

CH.14 Integrated People

This channel introduces a new term genre entitled 'Integrated People'. In essence, it celebrates a new media demeanor styled for audiences who assumedly integrate a variety of cultures and languages into their everyday life. Integrated People TV. Way past pormal.

CH.15 LGBTQ Community

Best Of Net:™ consciously refrains from using devisive media genres. While we believe all news is LGBTQ news and LGBTQ news is simply 'news', we found value in the convenience of being able to locate social events and media designed to gather or support the LGBTQ community. This channel features remakable stories and callings from the global LGBTQ community. LGBTQ Community TV. What happens here.

CH.16 Fashion

If you wait to buy it at the mall, you're probably not a fashionista as much as you're a clothes whore. But if you wait to see what the next designer is so pissed about, then you'll want to come with us. All the letters for see you next Tuesday why. Fashion TV. Not Clothes TV. Get It?

CH.17 Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine curates a visual media library from practicioners of herbalism, homeopathy, and acupuncture. Discover new 'superfoods' and recipes from bushmen and elders.

*Alternative Medicine does not represent the advice or certified medical doctors. This is not a medical feed. We are not doctors and the information presented on this channel is for the purpose of entertainment.
Alternative Medicine TV. Natural healing methods.

CH.18 Science

Watch the results of contemporary social studies. Explore new findings and perspective on life and time. Science TV. Things we study.

CH.19 Faith

Find stories of hope and inspiration from various faith backgrounds. Philosophers included. Athiests welcome. Faith TV. Hope Love and Spirit.

CH.20 Drugs

This feed features media about the histories, effects and remifications of prescibed, recreational and illicit drugs.

This online publication (bstfnt.com, bstf.us) does not encourage nor promote the use or pursuit or illicit nor prescribed drugs. Any member(s), visitor(s) or organization(s) attempting to sell, buy or recruit drugs, drug paraphernalia or purveyors of illicit or prescription drugs, will be proscribed from service.
Drugs TV. The Real Deal.

CH.21 Books

This stream celebrate the often biographical journies of authors and writers. Discover new literary mind and projects here. Books TV. Find a good read.

CH.22 Vehicles

Cars, trucks, boats, jets and bikes. If it travels, it's featured on this channel. Visualize before you realize your new yacht, jet or titanium bicycle. Vehicles TV. New ways to move.

CH.23 Gastronomy

An authentic approach on food media culture. This channel takes the opportunity to feature the least revered ambasadors of gastronomy. Discover the real local stars of culinary America. Gastronomy TV. More than food.

CH.24 Nice Things

Items and services showing innovative opulence in both style and purpose. A media collection of remarkable luxuries for sophisticated spenders. Items and services showing innovative opulence in both style and purpose.

CH.25 Crime

This channel covers cases of criminal, amoral behaviors and the personalities involved. Crime TV. Science of a rarified psychology.

CH.26 Travel

There is a right and a wrong way to travel. The difference is what separates avid travellers from the people who hate it. Prepare for great vacations ona ny budget. Travel TV. Live more life.

CH.27 Cults & Clans

This channel curates 'cults and clans' media using one primary new criteria. It features the stories of misguided collectives and niche beliefs. Cults & Clans TV. Dramas and maladies from unified despair.

CH.28 Planet Earth

Programs about the environment are less sought out than reality TV. Meaning, reality tv providers have earned more than providers of news on our environment. Meaning, reality TV stars and its watchers will inherit the earth if we don't maniacally support good programming. That said, if you love reality tv, here's a channel that grinds on a place called Earth. There's violence and everything. You will not believe what people are saying about this place! This place really exists! Check it out! Planet Earth TV. What they're saying about here.

CH.13 Nightlife

If you are not addicted to going out, you haven't been doing it right. Learn the hidden keys to this thing we call...(night)life. The best in bars, clubs, restaurants and adult entertainment. Nightlife TV. No Kids Allowed.

CH.30 Entrepreneurs Business

Helpful reviews and services available to assist entrepreneurial projects. Stay abreast of the tools and services to employ or avoid on your new business journernies. Entrepreneurs Business TV. Forge your fiscal path.

CH.31 Hair & Makeup

Great hair and makeup sells itself. Whether you shop for products online or in store, this channel is a lively source of relevant product information. Learn how to style and manage your base look. Hair & Makeup TV. Know your style.

CH.32 Tech & Gadgets

This channel features remarkable lifestyle products in a style that suits a sophisticated market. From shrimp deveiners to cyborgs, find new personal and household products available for preview. Tech & Gadgets TV. Porn for tech heads.

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