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Ally's Sitevite™

Big Screen Viewing Exclusives

Exclusive events such as weddings, memorials, private arts, require guaranteed big screen viewing. Choose an Ally's Sitevite™ and present your media for big screen monitors and TVs. Guarantee that your message gets to it's reciepient in fullscreen. Designers of the Mazel | Unity template receive full proceeds for 1 single user license per end project.

The Ordering Process


Choose A Design

Choose a website (also referred to as 'Design' or 'Template') from the catalog.


Pay A Deposit & Order

When you find the design you love, click on The 'customize your web' button. Pay and follow the prompts to upload your project name and description.


Publish Your Website

Once you approve your developers customized website, you can choose to upload your website to your own server or let us host it for you (for a year).